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CTYFL College Scholarship





The Connecticut Youth Football League (CTYFL) is offering a minimum of two (2) scholarships in the amount of $1000 each.  Any additional scholarships, depending on funds available, will be determined by the CTYFL membership board and cheerleading board in February of each year.


Each scholarship is a one-time, non-renewable scholarship with no restrictions to race, color, creed, gender, religion or national origin.


Each scholarship is intended for use toward first year tuition and/or fees at an educational institution as described in Eligibility section, requirement 3.



Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1.        Be a current high school Senior graduating in June of the current year who is living in a town that is an active CTYFL member town.

2.        Have participated in the member town’s youth football and/or cheerleading program for a minimum of three (3) full seasons as a player and/or cheerleader.

3.        Be enrolling in an educational program in the Fall semester of the current year at an accredited two (2) or four (4) year college or university, or any accredited technical school that leads to certification in the declared area of study.

4.        Have a minimum grade point average of 80% through the end of first semester of the applicant’s Senior year in high school.

5.        Have participated in high school’s varsity football or cheerleading program for at least one full season and/or volunteered at the youth level at either the member town’s organization or CTYFL league level.



Applicants must submit a complete application package as outlined below to the CTYFL Scholarship Committee no later than APRIL 15th to be considered for a scholarship:

1.        A completed CTYFL scholarship application.

2.        A completed Teacher Recommendation form.  This may be completed by a teacher or varsity level coach.

3.        Written verification of the applicant’s grade point average through first semester Senior year from the applicant’s high school guidance department.

4.        Written verification from the applicant’s high school coach or athletic director of participation at the high school varsity level, or from the CTYFL member town’s board of directors or town representative of volunteer participation at the youth level during the applicant’s high school years.

5.        A 500 word essay, single spaced, describing how youth football and/or cheerleading has impacted the applicant’s life.  The essay must include the applicant’s name, address and phone number.


Completed applications must be mailed to:

CTYFL Scholarship Committee

P.O Box  290597

Wethersfield, CT   06129



The CTYFL Scholarship Committee will not consider any applications postmarked after  APRIL 15th .  Incomplete applications will be discarded.



1.        The CTYFL Scholarship Committee will determine the recipient(s) of the scholarship(s) no later than May 10th of the current year.  Notice will be provided to the recipient(s), the CTYFL member towns and the recipient(s) high school no later than May 20 of the current year.

2.        Disbursement of each scholarship will be made in the form of a check payable to the recipient and the college or technical school the recipient will be attending once certification of enrollment is received.

3.        Funds will be returned to the CTYFL Scholarship Fund if either of the following occurs:

A.   A recipient finds that for any reason he/she is unable to use the scholarship during the upcoming Fall semester.

B.   The CTYFL Scholarship Committee does not receive qualified applicants in the current year.

Applications and teacher recommendation forms can be obtained at or by contacting the applicant’s youth program board of directors.