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Football Uniform Return Policy

Windsor Giants Uniform Return Policy

Uniform Return Date:  The return date for all football and cheerleading uniforms is the Tuesday following the last game for the participant(s) team from 5:30-6PM or the next practice day from 5:30-6PM for participant(s) who quite before his/her respective team's last game.  All equipment must be returned to the equipment room at Sage Park Field.

Non Returned Uniforms - If you do not return the uniforms on the specified Tues, then you are subject to a $500 fee for football, and a $200. fee for cheerleading, as you agreed to in the contract you signed.  We will report uniforms as stolen to the Windsor Police Department if the uniforms are not returned on the assigned return date.

Uniform Cleaning - All uniforms must be returned in a clean condition.  Any uniform not returned in a clean condition will be subject to a $25 cleaning fee.

Uniform Return Picked Up By Windsor Giants Volunteer
 -  Any uniform requires a pick up by a Windsor Giant Coach, Board Member, and/or Volunteer will be subject to a $25 return fee.

Windsor Giants supplies most of the game day uniform for both football and cheerleading.  All uniforms issued during the season must be returned at the end of the season on the Tues night following the last game from 6-7:30PM.

Football Items Not Supplied By Windsor Giants:

1. Cleats - must be a rubber or plastic cleat and cannot be detachable.  No metal spikes are allowed

2. Athletic Cup - must be worn at all time during practice and games.

3. 3 Pocket Girdle - must be worn to secure the butt and hip pads.  It can be purchased at our concession stand.

4. Mesh Football Practice Jersey - must be worn over shoulder pads. It can be purchaes at our concession stand.

5. We supply 1 mouth guard.   Replacement(s) mouth guard can be purchased at our concession stand.

Cheerleading Items not supplied by Windsor Giants:

1. Bloomers

2. Sneakers (required for competition and must be the same as the rest of the team)  You will be notified where to get the sneakers.  approx $35.

3. Warm-ups(required for competition and must be the same as the rest of the team)  You will be notified where to get the sneakers.  approx $90.

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