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Cheer Competition Conduct


 “Competition is a privilege, not a right”.  Competition is a competitive event that takes dedication, self-control, respect, skill, focus, teamwork, and most of all consideration for the wellbeing and safety of each member of the squad.  The following rules apply to all Windsor Giants cheerleaders who wish to participate in competition. 
1. CONDUCT-As official members and representatives of the Windsor Giants and the Connecticut Youth Football League (CTYFL), cheerleaders should, at all times, conduct themselves in a respectful and good sportsmanship manner.  Cheerleaders will adhere to the CTYFL CHEERLEADER CODE OF CONDUCT at all times.
2. TARDINESS/ABSENCES-Competition practices are MANDATORY!  During the months of September and October, cheer coaches are dedicated to preparing their squads for competition.  Every member of the competition team has an important role built into the routine.  It is only possible to practice the routine efficiently when ALL team members are present.  Therefore, (2) unexcused absences will result in removal from the competition team.  If a cheerleader is not able to attend practice, a parent or guardian is requested to call the coaches before the practice begins to let them know of their cheerleader’s absence.  This will allow the coach to plan and tailor the practice accordingly.   If a cheerleader is more than 20 minutes late to a competition practice 3 times it will be considered an unexcused absence.
3. MASTERING THE MATERIAL- “Progression before perfection”.  It is expected that each cheerleader make a personal commitment to themselves and to the team to practice the competition material.  The material will be taught using a developmentally appropriate approach that considers the unique experiences of each cheerleader.  If it is suspected that a cheerleader is willfully neglecting their responsibilities to master the competition material, the head coach will:

  1.  Have a confidential discussion directly with the cheerleader to develop a strategy for the cheerleader to follow to catch up with the rest of the team.  
  2. The head coach will assist the cheerleader and their parents in developing an at-home practice schedule.
  3. Third, the cheerleader will be removed from the competition team. 

Removal from the competition routine will be done as a last resort and only with approval from the Windsor Giants Cheer Coordinator. 
4. PREPARATION FOR PRACTICES/GAMES-All practices, games and events starton-time.  Cheerleaders are expected to arrive on-time to all practices, games and events on-time dressed in accordance to the GIANTS CHEERLEADER DRESS CODE.